Frequently asked questions

  • Product information

    What are Savings Bonds? Does the Government need the money? Why pay step-up interest? How do I calculate my return? How do Savings Bonds compare with Singapore Government Securities?

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  • Application process

    What do I need to get started? How and where can I buy Savings Bonds? Why are there so many code names for Savings Bonds? How do I check and read application results? What are the fees and charges?

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  • Redemption process

    How do I redeem my Savings Bonds? When and how will I get my money back? What happens when my bond matures?

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  • CDP account and DCS

    Why do I need an Individual Central Depository (CDP) Securities account? How do I open one? What is Direct Crediting Service (DCS)? How do I apply for it?

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  • Full set of FAQs

    All of the above in a single document.

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