Product information


Only individuals aged 18 years and above


Singapore Government


10 years

Interest rates

Based on the average interest rates of benchmark SGS the month before, and may be adjusted to maintain the “step-up” feature if market conditions do not allow it

Note: At issuance, interest rates for the entire 10-year term are fixed and locked in for each issue

Interest payments

Every 6 months after issuance

Investment amount

Minimum per bond: $500
Maximum individual holding: $200,000

Note: Investment sum should be in multiples of $500


A new Savings Bond will be issued every month


Redeem in any month before the bond matures, with no penalty for exiting the investment early. Accrued interest on the redemption amount shall be paid.

Note: Redemption amounts must be in multiples of $500


Exempt from tax


Investors cannot transfer ownership of their Savings Bonds to another person except in specific situations such as following the investor's death. This means that the bonds cannot be bought or sold to someone else or traded on SGX like conventional bonds or shares. Savings Bonds cannot be pledged as collateral.


Interested investors may also wish to refer to this technical specifications on the product's specifications.

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