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New to Savings Bonds? Get a quick overview of its main features and find out how it may benefit you.

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Each Savings Bond has a term of 10 years and pays interest every 6 months. Savings Bonds cannot be traded like conventional bonds or shares. Interest income is exempt from tax. Only individuals above 18 years old can apply.

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Savings Bonds are fully backed by the Singapore Government. And because the bonds can always be redeemed for the full amount invested, investors are protected against capital losses when interest rates change. This makes them one of the safest possible investments for individuals to hold.

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Save up to 10 years, and earn interest that “steps up” or increases over time. Hold your Savings Bond for the full 10 years and receive an average interest per year that matches the return from 10-year Singapore Government Securities yields, which has generally been between 2%-3%.

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