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Introduction to Singapore Government Securities

Singapore Government Securities (SGS) are debt instruments of the Government of Singapore. These debt instruments are backed by the full credit of the Singapore Government. The Government does not use debt to finance its expenditure. Instead, SGS bonds and Treasury bills (T-bills) are issued to meet banks’ needs for a risk-free asset in their liquid-asset portfolios and as part of a broader strategy to grow Singapore into an international centre for debt capital management. The Government also issues Singapore Savings Bonds, which are non-marketable SGS, to individuals to provide them with a long-term savings instrument. The Monetary Authority of Singapore manages the issuance of SGS on behalf of the Government, in its capacity as the Government’s fiscal agent.


Singapore Savings Bonds

Singapore Savings Bonds are a new type of SGS designed to offer individuals a long-term, flexible savings option with safe returns. They are ten-year bonds that pay higher interest over time based on market SGS rates,  and can be redeemed early on a monthly basis. Savings Bonds are issued monthly and can be purchased in units of $500. Interested investors can refer to the Savings Bonds website for more information.